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Jewelry Appraisal While You Wait!

Master Gemologist Appraiser at Your Service

Alison LeBaron is an independent certified Master Gemologist Jewelry Appraiser with over 30 years of experience in the jewelry industry. Her certifications as a Master Gemologist Appraiser and GIA Graduate Jeweler Gemologist make her a leading choice for all of your diamond, gem, and jewelry appraisal needs. Her services include quality grading gemstones and jewelry for all market levels of evaluation. She also specializes in antique and vintage jewelry. Alison is the founder of LeBaron Laboratory and serves clients throughout the Sacramento, CA area.

Alison Specializes in All Types of Appraisals


Jewelry and gems appreciate and depreciate in value, depending on the market. The value of your jewelry is based on current market value, not what you originally paid.

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At the Top
of Her Industry

Alison is one of just 33 Master Gemologist Appraisers in the United States, putting her in an elite class, and uniquely positioning her to tell you the value of your jewels.

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There are multiple types of gemstones in the world, and many are very difficult for an untrained eye to identify. During her 35 years in the industry, Alison has worked with every one imaginable and can let you know what gems you have and how much they are worth.

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Service Within Northern California

LeBaron Laboratory may be based in Granite Bay, CA, but Alison provides private consultations for clients in the Sacramento area and Northern California.

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